Monday, May 25, 2009

Christmas and Frosty...

Kids are funny! And very creative. Just the other night my 4 year old twins decided they wanted different names. Apparently Casey and Reese just isn't good enough for them! So I decided to let them pick out their own names, just to see what they would come up with. This is a very entertainting experience! =)

Reese: 4 yrs old, daughter, new name: Christmas!

Casey: 4 yrs old, son, new name: Frosty the Snowman!

Wow, right? Imagine that! I asked my oldest son Riley what he wanted and he said "Riley" will do just fine, he is 7, and too mature for a new name. Too bad! At this point, all must pick a new name! The twins and I thought we would call him The Great Pumpkin. But he didn't like that! He decided Jack Skellington would be better, direct from the movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Daddy has decided to go by the name "Grinch." Not sure why, he isn't big and green and hairy!?!? Hmmm....And since all the kids had picked the best names I had no idea what to pick for myself! Not to worry, Reese, er, Christmas decided that since her and I are the only girls I would be called "Christmas Eve"! PERFECT!!!!

The kids are very happy with their new names! This last Saturday we attended my friend Jessica's graduation party (Congrats Jess!!!). Jessica's sons grandmother (did you keep that straight, lol) came up to my daughter and casually asked her what her name was, to which she promptly responded "Christmas!" HAHAHA I love it! Kids....always make you laugh!

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's a tough life...

This is what happens when you do not take a nap! You fall asleep on your bowl of ravioli!

This is what happens when you do wholesale orders! You spend an entire weekend sewing hippo themed pouches.......40 to be exact! Fun, but a lot of work, so much for a restful weekend.....oh well =)

OH! And P.S. this is what happens when you have a weekness for bags and purses....and the color pink! You find awesome stuff like this.......Courtesy Crafttastrophe.Etsy.Com OMG Check out the shoes in her shop!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sew SEW Busy....

Lots of sewing this last weekend and the last couple of days! Busy little bee. Custom order for some the purple and greens...and LOTS of new items made for my shop....and listed if you want to see ~~> FattsMaGee.Etsy.Com

New Rounded Makeup bags, that lay flat, or sit on their own!!!

New Padded Sunglass Pouches.....

And some other FUN stuff!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Other Member...

This here is Noel Lee Beauchamp! She was welcomed to the family back around Christmas time. What an experience! Many a time I have found myself asking the question "What was I thinking?"

Sam and I and the kids watched that movie "Marley and Me." Cute film (love Jennifer Aniston!) We noticed that they call Marley, the dog, THE WORST DOG IN THE WORLD. Too funny, and that dog was bad. Noel, is nowhere near that bad. But let me tell you what we DO call her: THE GROSSEST DOG IN THE WORLD!

Why you ask? She literally eats anything and everything she can find off the ground. Nasty right? Oh, wait, not to fear, she just vomits everything back up! Yay!

That big old turd on the side walk from somebody elses dog.....gone, as Noel licks her chops (as I run around frantically trying to find a stick to dig that crap out of her mouth....UGH) Grass, bushes, sticks, shoes, stuffed animals, all of it, GULP! MmmmTasty. A narly hairy spider crawling across my kitchen floor. EW, EEK. Have no fear! Noel to the rescue!!! No worries about her eating all these things though, like I said, she has every intention of just regurgitating it all right back up. Ah huh. I just love cleaning dog puke! Noel is the grossest dog in the world...........

She's cute though right? =)


Monday, May 4, 2009

Two COOL Custom Orders!

Custom Orders can be super fun! People have really great ideas..... I have been fortunate enough to have made some really cool custom requested stuff! Here are a couple....

Allison is addicted to this amazing Fishy fabric! It's a super soft cotton that literally looks like fishy's swimming around in water! So FUN! And Allison has purchased a couple of pouches with this fabric, and has just purchased this great sized one and now, sadly, I am out of the Fishy fabric! Oh well. Happy the fish found a loving home....

And then, wow, check this fabric out! HELLO! Vibrant and gorgeous! I had never seen this fabric before until I was asked by another super cool Etsian to make this makeup bag. So happy to oblige.......there will be more where this fabric came from, I am lovin these green's..........

Thanks for the custom orders both of you, I SO appreciate it!!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started....

Ok so here we go! I just let friends and family know that I am starting this blog so I better post SOMETHING! I didn't realize it would be so difficult, perhaps it's just me? I must admit; Sam has had to step in and help out!

Big Daddy, aka Sam, got me a brand new pink laptop for my b-day! Hello! What an amazing gift! What an amazing guy, always the gift giver....the laptop has inspired me to start the blog, since Sam and I will no longer be fighting over our home PC.

**A little about me, that most of you already know: Andrea, aka AnnDreyHey (thanks to one of my best friends Britni who came up with the name in highscool) I am married to Sam, who is the VP of Guardian Technologies in Fresno, CA, we have three cute kids, Riley (boy) 7, Casey (boy) and Reese (girl), twins, 4 yrs old. I am a Data Specialist at Children's Hospital Central California, of which I am super proud to work for. Amazing hospital and organization! AND to boot, I work with some amazing ladies! And I was inspired to sew from my friend Dawn, at DSCHICBOUTIQUE.Etsy.Com and I now have my store, Fatts MaGee, which is Reese's nic name....A whole other post re: nic names to come later.....hehe!

I plan to do a few things with this blog. A) Talk about random stuff! B) Talk about my friends and family and their goings on, post their pix etc, C) Have "Jane's Daily Q" because she posts fun questions on twitter that I would like to transpose check out the Daily Q's, Polls, Etc. D) I will probably post games and such, lots of pictures, lots of stuff about my Etsy shop, and E) Last but not least: GIVEAWAYS!!!!!! I will have some great giveaways as soon as this sucker takes off. Free Items from my Etsy shop, and perhaps other Etsy shops, and other places as well....all in all, fun stuff!
Do any of YOU have some good ideas as to what else I can do with this blog? Let me know!!!

Had to post this pic! The kids think it's the funniest thing and it was the ONLY picture out of 230 where they all three smiled at the same time....A little taste of our family humor! =)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

OMG I'm Starting A Blog!!!!

Hello All! I have been inspired to start a blog but I can't really figure this stuff, more to come, as I learn how to navigate through this!

Whoohoo..........Gotta love modern day!


P.S. If you don't know who I am check me out on Etsy or Twitter!