Thursday, July 30, 2009

"People's Don't Have Baby-ing Suits!!!"

"People's don't have baby-ing suits!" Words of my daughter and she was SO serious! I still am not real sure what she was talking about. She's 4!

Long time no blog!!!! Seriously busy. Way busy! Totally busy! AAAHHH. I had a HUGE sale on Etsy, FattsMaGee.Etsy.Com where I literally sold 73 pouches in a single day. Definitely a record for me! Then I had another sale the following week. Essentially I was neck deep in sewing. But it's worth it. A painful, yet elective, surgery and long recovery later.....I still feel so tired! I'm trying to eat better and exercise more and I just can't help but feel like my body is rejecting all things =)

Tried to do some new things around my Etsy shop. Didn't work! It's one of those if-its-not-broken-don't-fix-it sort of deals....I thought I would make some new bigger pouches, some new wristlets, and take ALL NEW pictures. Bugged and nagged the hubby to create this all white backdrop for me. I just knew the white backdrop would enhance the look of my pouches.......not so! It's wasn't a complete flop. Some of the newer stuff has sold, which is fun. The white backdrop though? Not so much. Every pouch looks blurry, like I tried to photoshop them to make them look thinner and prettier, hehe, kidding; but they were seriously blurry. I perhaps need a new camera? Anyway, back to the old way of doing things, the good ol' fashioned rolling cutting board. Place the pouch on top, make sure none of my tile floor is peeking through the picture, and ta-da! A way better picture for some odd reason.....who knows....

Next up? A nice little family vacation. I think this is the first vacation the 5 of us will have. And by vacation I mean we actually planned it, we weren't thrown into it due to other circumstances. We are going to Monterey Bay! We rented a little cottage right on the beach! And we will take the kids to the Monterey Bay Aquarium! My husband has never been there and he has lived his whole life in this state! Riley loves all things science and water-life, sharks are his fav! The twins are just stoked that they get to ride in daddy's truck!

Upon our return I am thinking of having a big back-to-school sale! Will probably place the entire shop on sale for 1/2 off! So keep your eyes peeled on the shop.....I've posted some recent photos! Enjoy.....=)