Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bring on The Fall!!!

Has it really been a month since my last blog post? It sure has. You want to know why? Every time I try to log in I get told my password is wrong. EVERY TIME! So I literally have to reset my password every time I try to get on this site. Eerrr, annoying!

Bring on the Fall! The Fall Season that is. I LOVE Fall. The weather starts to change, the smell in the air starts to smell of rain and festivities, football is a permanent fixture in my home, the kids are back in school full time, the leaves begin to change color, and, well, you get it. The only part of Summer I like is the swimming. I am really tired of the continuous heat here in Central California. It's in the 90's till the end of October, and starts back up the first of March. Just continuous heat! Ugh...

Life is busy as ever. We went to Monterrey and had a wonderful time. We cannot wait to go back. We went to the aquarium, and we spent lots of time at the beach. The kids had a ball! Sam drew a "I (heart) Andrea" in the sand. Awww, how sweet huh? I snapped a pic with my cell phone. I wasn't able to get many pix while in Monterey because I got sand in the camera lens pretty much as soon as we got there, and my brother in law had to fix it for us, when we got home. Oops.

Noel is now considered the best dog ever! While daddy gave her a hair cut today she went right behind him and ate all her shaved off hair! Sweet. No sweeping for mommy! Whoohoo! Thanks Noel, Mommy Loves You!!!!! =)

Riley, my 7 yr old, started 3rd grade. OMG! I am beginning to feel old!!!! He will be 8 soon, and the twins will be 5. They have not yet started school, one more year. They are so excited to go to the same school as their big brother, I on the other had am not real sure how I will handle it. I refuse to think about this for at least the next 11 months..........

The shopping season, honestly, is upon us! As soon as September is here, it all begins, not only for my Etsy shop, but at home too. Shopping for 3 kids for their birthdays and holidays is not cheap, or easy, so we start early....Lots of big sales to happen in my Etsy shop! Zipper pouches make great gifts!!!! FattsMaGee.Etsy.Com copy and paste, copy and =)

Cheers! Till we meet again...