Sunday, May 3, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started....

Ok so here we go! I just let friends and family know that I am starting this blog so I better post SOMETHING! I didn't realize it would be so difficult, perhaps it's just me? I must admit; Sam has had to step in and help out!

Big Daddy, aka Sam, got me a brand new pink laptop for my b-day! Hello! What an amazing gift! What an amazing guy, always the gift giver....the laptop has inspired me to start the blog, since Sam and I will no longer be fighting over our home PC.

**A little about me, that most of you already know: Andrea, aka AnnDreyHey (thanks to one of my best friends Britni who came up with the name in highscool) I am married to Sam, who is the VP of Guardian Technologies in Fresno, CA, we have three cute kids, Riley (boy) 7, Casey (boy) and Reese (girl), twins, 4 yrs old. I am a Data Specialist at Children's Hospital Central California, of which I am super proud to work for. Amazing hospital and organization! AND to boot, I work with some amazing ladies! And I was inspired to sew from my friend Dawn, at DSCHICBOUTIQUE.Etsy.Com and I now have my store, Fatts MaGee, which is Reese's nic name....A whole other post re: nic names to come later.....hehe!

I plan to do a few things with this blog. A) Talk about random stuff! B) Talk about my friends and family and their goings on, post their pix etc, C) Have "Jane's Daily Q" because she posts fun questions on twitter that I would like to transpose check out the Daily Q's, Polls, Etc. D) I will probably post games and such, lots of pictures, lots of stuff about my Etsy shop, and E) Last but not least: GIVEAWAYS!!!!!! I will have some great giveaways as soon as this sucker takes off. Free Items from my Etsy shop, and perhaps other Etsy shops, and other places as well....all in all, fun stuff!
Do any of YOU have some good ideas as to what else I can do with this blog? Let me know!!!

Had to post this pic! The kids think it's the funniest thing and it was the ONLY picture out of 230 where they all three smiled at the same time....A little taste of our family humor! =)